Finish Your Parking Lot Nicely

Neat parking lot striping makes all the difference for businesses in Ocean Springs, Hattiesburg & Gulfport, MS

If you've recently finished parking lot construction, it's time to look for someone to do your parking lot striping. This is an essential step if you want your parking lot to be safe and reflect well on your business. A parking lot with chipping, faded paint is not only unsightly, but it can also get you into trouble if a customer has an accident.

Davis Painting provides expert parking lot striping services for businesses in Ocean Springs, Hattiesburg & Gulfport, MS. Contact us today to schedule yours.

Why is parking lot painting important?

Parking lot striping is an important step to take when constructing a parking lot. It's also necessary to get parking lot striping services if your parking lot paint is becoming difficult to see. These services are important for:



  • Complying with ADA guidelines
  • Maximizing usable space
  • Decreasing the amount of accidents
  • Creating a professional appearance
  • Adding any desired signage

The paint used on parking lots is different than normal outdoor paint you can find in stores. It needs to withstand much more wear and tear than other types of paints do, so a strong formula is key. If you want the job done right, schedule an appointment with Davis Painting today.